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The Incredibowl mini m420 and i420 Deluxe are hands down some of the most popular smoking devices on the market today, and with good reason.

The Incredibowl is an ultra durable smoking device designed to produce monster pulls of cooled smoke cleaner than traditional smoking methods with ease and efficiency.

The Incredibowl is equipped with a 9-hole Annular Purge Carb, integrated with a filtration system and anodized BowlArmor.

The filtration system removes harmful debris and unwanted particles before the smoke enters the shatter proof polycarbonate expansion chamber.

Once the desired amount of smoke accumulates in the expansion chamber just pull the BowlArmor forward to activate the 9-hole Purge Carb allowing clean air to pass through and cool the smoke before consumption.

The Incredibowl’s anodized BowlArmor protects the glass bowl from droppage and unforeseen accidents.

All incredibowls are created from sturdy materials here in the United States.

Every Incredibowl Sale Includes

  • The Incredibowl Shatter Proof Smoke Chamber

  • 9-hole Annular Purge Carb

  • BowlArmor Bowl Protection

  • Glass Bowl

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