i420 vs m420

People loved the Incredibowl i420 when it first arrived on the scene. The Incredibowl i420 is a glass pipe smoking system that makes some pretty incredible promises about your smoking experience. That’s probably where they got the name in the first place. The Incredibowl i420 is all about the smoke and nothing but the smoke. The patented carb and filter design claim to be able to eliminate all other airborne particles. The innovative glass material is said to be virtually unbreakable.

Ideally, the Incredibowl i420 was designed for the serious smoker. It combines the smoothness of a water pull without the hassle or mess of having to change the water. It comes apart easily, and can be cleaned the same way you would carefully clean any small piece of glass. Soaking it in hot water should do most of the work.

Everyone who owns one or has used one has had only great things to say about it. The i420 has already received several awards for innovative design that just happens to be wrapped in an appealing package.

After the i420 proved to be such a rousing success, the company decided to follow up with yet another innovative item. They introduced the Incredibowl m420. In this case, the “m” stands for mini, the m420 is a much smaller smoking device. At just about half the size of the original Incredibowl, It can easily be held with one hand, and would fit in just about any pocket. It has the same quality features of its bigger brother; the shatter-resistant glass, the bowl armour technology, and the same easy to clean design.

Both of these smoking devices come with an impressive array of accessories. They both have deluxe hard storage cases to protect them when they are not in use. They both also have kits you can purchase that include cleaning tools and replacement parts which will definitely come in handy since they are used so often. Each also offers an extender chamber for bigger hits.

Although the m420 does not come with a lifetime warranty, when you purchase the i420 the lifetime manufacturer’s warranty is included. If not abused chances are you will never need to take advantage of the warranty. These products could be the last smoking devices you will ever need to buy.


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