m420 mini review

The Incredibowl m420 is the mini version of the popular Incredibowl i420. It includes all of the same features like the glass blow protected by the Armor Bowl Technology, Purge carb  system and shatter resistant smoke chamber, just a little smaller. At about half the size the Incredibowl m420 mini smoke pipe is pocket size making it a lot more portable than the bigger i420.


Enhance your incredibowl m420 experieince with accessories like the quick draw release trigger perfect for one handed use. New thick glass tube which is a lot easier to clean. Multiple length expansion chambers give you the option to take bigger hits when your not traveling or on the move. The New Sherlock Holmes Pipe adapter is not only fashionable but also makes use even easier. Exclusive waterproof m420 deluxe storage and travel case not available anywhere else.

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